For every step of your project Alladins Landscape Design adheres to the Canadian Landscape Standard… the authoritative resource for the national landscape industry. We have been crafting custom landscapes more than 20 years and as a proud member of Manitoba Nursery Landscape Association – the local chapter of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association – we are trusted and active members in the local industry.

Safety is top of mind. All employees are aware of their rights under the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and reduce
potential risks by following safe work procedures and performing daily hazard assessments. We are members of 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions.

Alladins Landscape Design believes in continuously training our staff on new techniques to serve you better. As a team of professionals, we take pride in our trade and improve our skills by earning more certifications every year:



Customer Service

You deserve a company that is responsive. Our team reacts quickly and effectively to your requests.

With concise communication and professional accountability you will feel confident your landscape renovation is completed with efficiency and to the highest possible standards.

Whether you have a specific vision of your custom landscape or need professional guidance our designers will collaborate with you to match your lifestyle to your outdoor space.

Our Project Manager oversees all on-site activities and ensures each phase of the job is completed to your satisfaction. We carry full comprehensive insurance to ensure client property protection and follow the Canadian Landscape Standard of guaranteeing work and materials for 1 year. 


Environmental Responsibility

Alladins Landscape Design ensures your outdoor living space is enhanced without undue impact on the local ecosystem. This is accomplished through sustainable designs and techniques and our choice of equipment, products and materials.

To reduce carbon emissions we use:

  • Vehicles that have flex-fuel technology
  • Manual tools whenever practicable 
  • Well maintained power equipment which produce less pollution

Green Choices
Eco-friendly and recycled products help keep waste out of the landfill and unwanted chemicals out of the environment. Ask us about all the green possibilities for your project:

  • Rain water capturing systems (less dependence on potable water)
  • Drip irrigation systems (uses water more efficiently and effectively)
  • Compost bins (reduces landfill waste and provides economical organic fertilizer)
  • Water features that rely on water purifying plants, biofilters and water circulation
  • Organic fertilizers

Pest Management
At Alladins Landscape Design we take a natural approach to pest control. We are trained in Integrated Pest Management - a program that safely controls pests through minimal use of chemicals. By using preventative measures like selecting plant varieties that are best for local growing conditions and utilizing beneficial insects we only use chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides as a last resort. Biological herbicides are also available.

Plant Varieties
We can supply and install plants that are drought tolerant and disease and insect resistant reducing the dependence on irrigation systems and pesticides. Plants are available which grow more slowly and require less maintenance helping reduce harmful emissions being released into the environment. If sustainable landscaping is important to you we can assist in organic gardening plans and selection of native plants.