The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is exceeding expectations. 

STEP 1 - Initial Conversation

On our first visit we discuss how you envision your new outdoor space. Things we’ll consider while creating your 'Family Inventory Checklist' include: What are your favourite plants? What activities will you be doing in your new space... entertaining/gardening/cooking? Are there certain features you like? Are there things in your view you would like hidden?

STEP 2 – Site Analysis

Our next visit gets more technical… looking at topography, soil condition, drainage, microclimates, existing structures and elements of neighbouring properties. We’ll take measurements to create a base map of your property as well as inventory your current vegetation, locate utility lines, check regulations and decide the best way to access the worksite during installation.


STEP 3 – Conceptual Layout

This is where you start to see your custom landscape on paper. We will review a sketch that identifies the locations of the activities and features you’ve decided on including necessary walkways and structures.

STEP 4 – Preliminary Design Plan

Now you’ll see your custom landscape in detail. Your design plan is prepared to scale, with shapes defined and materials/plants mapped out. We will make recommendations and you will make changes as you see fit. 

STEP 5 – Final Design Plan

Technical drawings are complete with full plant list and materials specified. We will go over a prepared estimate for the work and discuss a timeline.

L1 Vesper3.jpg

STEP 6 – Construction Coordination

We will obtain all necessary permits, perform a workplace safety assessment and coordinate with our suppliers for construction materials and plants.

STEP 7 – Installation

The Project Manager will be in communication with you make certain each phase is completed to your satisfaction. Our team of professional installers will ensure there are minimal disruptions to your daily life.


STEP 8 – Project Walk Through

You will get a guided tour of your new custom landscape. We’ll tell you about your new plants and new landscaping features - explaining maintenance needs and answering all of your questions.